Forcibly Displaced People Network

Organisation: Forcibly Displaced People Network

The Forcibly Displaced People Network (FDPN) is an Australian organisation dedicated to advocating for LGBTIQ+ individuals who have been forcibly displaced from their homes due to persecution based on their gender identity or sexual orientation. FDPN proudly stands as the first registered organisation led by LGBTIQ+ people who have experienced forced displacement.

FDPN is at the forefront of efforts to raise awareness about unique challenges faced by LGBTIQ+ refugees, people seeking asylum, and migrants. Our work is geared towards promoting intersectional policies and services.

FDPN’s role as a catalyst for change is unwavering. Through our national and international work, we are amplifying voices, paving an inclusive path towards fulfilling potential and shaping a future where every individual not only survives but thrives. With an unwavering commitment, we persistently work towards a future that upholds, celebrates, and safeguards the rights and dignity of forcibly displaced LGBTIQ+ people.

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