The OVOLOW Resource Hub acknowledges that words are important.

Language used by us, and by others about us, to describe our LGBTIQA+ and disability identities, experiences, and communities is constantly evolving.

Disability and LGBTIQA+ language used in some countries and communities might be viewed as inclusive and respectful but the same language in other countries and communities might have a different meaning and cause upset and offense.

Some language contained in the Resource Hub was deemed contemporary and appropriate to the time, community, or country it was produced in but may not viewed the same way years later or in other places.

Some resources contain direct quotes and may contain language that may be offensive to some people.

Some members of our communities prefer to use identity first language, others of us prefer person language and others of us use reclaimed language from slurs and hate speech used against and all are used in documents in the Resource Hub. This project uses person first language and respects the right of every LGBTIQA+ person with disability to use language of their preference.

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