Advocacy At The Intersections

Organisation: Drummond Street Services

Published Date: 2023

Accessibility & inclusion is more than just a checklist. How can all of us do better at advocating alongside, & practicing allyship with, LGBTIQ+ people with disabilities? This unique training is delivered by trainers with lived experience of being both LGBTIQA+ and having disabilities. Utilising their lived experience and knowledge of both the LGBTIQ+ and disability sectors they provide insights and skills into how to create accessible & inclusive services.

This 2 hour training can be delivered online or in person and  includes training videos featuring LGBTIQ+ people with disabilities & tip sheets co-designed by LGBTIQ+ people with disabilities & disability advocacy organisations which provide best practice examples & highlight the value of lived experience.

Activities will give participants the tools to think through what access & inclusion looks like for LGBTIQ+ people with disabilities & how you can take steps to achieve it!

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